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Beautifull Gun
First cd work w/illustrator


The image of the gun with the unusual ammunition was an idea that came to me based on my nick name...which I won't get into. But, what would make a gun beautifull? The flower in the barrel is cliche. Hmm. So what else? I can't explain, but the idea of lipstick in the jacket of a bullet just poped into my head. Then, there was the popular picture of the rifle round going through an apple with a high speed camera. So, in wanting to create a nod to that image, I tried to imagine what I could replace the apple with. Thus, the bottle of nail varnish. That part isn't done yet, as I need some idea from my professor on how to create the entry and exit to the bottle itself. HeY! I've only been at this for two weeks now!!
             So the last item, was the graphic for the cd itself. I thought it would be cool to make something that would look natural on the shape of a disc. Take for example the latest U2 cd. Title is How to dismantle an atomic bomb. The cd graphic is a bullseye. Simple, and goes well with the shape. So I decided to put an image of a puddle of nail varnish. As if it was what was left over after the bottle was shot. Now that I think about it...I should have put some shards of glass in the image as well. But oh well. When is a project done?? Ever??

The first flash assignment was to create a mascot for a ficticious beverage company. Through alot of effort, I came up with a company that produces a soda called "Twist-ahhh". It's mascot was to be a litle tornado cloud named..."Twisty". He was just supposed to move a round a bit in the first assignment. I got carried away, and merged him and the concept into what would be the final requirments for the whole project. It has multiple scenes, sounds, buttons, movie clips, layer masks, text effects etc. You will notice at the begining credits, that the name "Solar Power" appears. I was at that point allready brainstorming the concept for the other project of the same name. If you're asking at the end why the mascot is speaking German, it's because I wanted the the whole clip to seem non linear, and off beat. Usually European comercials seem to be coming from left field alot, leaving the average American viewer scratching their head. If you scratch your head at the end of the clip, then I achieved what I wanted to. Enjoy, by clicking on the link titled "Twisty".

What's New?

Having the credit requirement for my degree increase hasn't been all bad. It gave me the chance to try graphic design for real!

Second flash assignment. Create movie with sound and some control button. I wanted to make a clip that represented a fictional production company. The company's name is Solar Power. This is an example of something you would see at the begining or end of a feature. To play, click on the link titled "Solar Power". The clip plays in it's own window, so make sure you enable popups for this page.

The "Solar Power" clip

The "Twisty" clip.