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cool chopper pic I added name to. Used for a "sig" short for signature for posting in web forums. In this case with gaming. This was way before I started graphic art classes. This is someone elses work. I could totally jam this out in half an hour though. :^)




Assignment: Create a 5x7" flyer that announces the showcasing of "someone's" exhibit.
The backing layer is a collage of over 50 different imagaes, cut and cropped. Each one is it's own layer...which means alot of layers! Then a mask was made from some vectors(tracings) I did of actual runway models. Punched those through a pink gradient allowing the collage to show through. Placed my text, and then added some opaque vector arcs for dimension. Once this got rolling, it pretty much fell together.
           "Ingest" seems dumb now. Ha. Whatever, it was a class deadline. "Take in" would have been better. The idea was to have a phrase, that went with the image of a person filled with the photographs.


Create a magazine cover from images that were scanned in from print media. Took a two page add for this video game, and took the images from the scanned image. I re-arranged them completely, cutting and cropping to fit the desired layout. The tilte font for the cover has an outer glow effect added to it, to make the font look more like neon tubing. The path shape on the middle left hand side was created with the pen tool, filled, and then made more transparent. The idea was to use it as a frame for the three screen shots that are placed over it. The most difficult part of the layout was the main character. As you can see, he appears to be burried within the cloud layer. He is his own layer, cut and cropped from the original artwork. But try as I might, I couldn't get him to blen in well enough without seeing the bottom portion of his cropping. I could have made him more transparent, but to do so enough to have his bottom portion not visible in the clouds, the rest of him became way to opaque. Not good. My idea was to create a gradient, where he was normal from the head down, but gradualy became transparent. The trick to this is applying a "GRADIENT MASK" to the same layer as the main character. As easy as that, a mask was made to cover the image that made it normal at the top, and gradualy transparent at the bottom.